Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Accepting Responsibility With the Law of Attraction

When people first learn about the law of attraction, they usually need some time to process the information they have just received. We all have a tendency to get defensive when we are made to look at our own responsibility in negative situations, and the law of attraction forces us to do just that.
We usually don't have much difficulty accepting responsibility when it comes to the good stuff; we might politely decline compliments and say we didn't do much, but internally we are fully aware of and proud of our achieving, and rightly so. The biggest problem when it comes to accepting our part in the bad things that happen to us is two fold:
The first part is that we tend to think that if we accept responsibility it makes it our fault; that we are somehow to blame, and this makes us feel a lot of guilt. Guilt in return makes us feel bad about ourselves; if we are responsible for attracting that, surely we are not very good people? This is not how the law of attraction works' it doesn't care about good or bad, it only brings you what you order.
If you spent your life up to now feeling sad or feeling like a victim, then the law of attraction will have responded by giving you reasons to feel sad or feeling like a victim. The law of attraction does not stop to consider and judge whether or not what you are attracting is good or bad; it responds to what you hold in your mind, no questions asked.
The second reason why we refuse to accept responsibility for the negative things we attract is a little bit more complex, as it deals with our sense of entitlement and anger. If someone hurt us, physically or emotionally, we want to continue to hold them responsible, so we can keep alive the anger. A lot of us feel that if we let go and no longer blame the person who hurt us, we are somehow saying that what they did was acceptable. Taking responsibility for what you attract to you does not mean that nothing wrong was done to you, it only means that you were the one who created the environment where it could possibly happen.
It does not mean that what happened wasn't wrong, but by holding on to your anger and blame, you are not hurting them, you are hurting yourself. You also need to realize that if you fail to se how you unintentionally were responsible for using the law of attraction to attract the situation, it means that you are still seeing yourself as a defenseless victim. As long as you continue to feel and think as a victim, you will continue to attract those kinds of situations to you.
The law of attraction is not good or bad. Just like gravity, it does not pass judgment on what you are attracting. Let go of your past and accept your own part in what happened there. At the end of the day, the past no longer exist, so look to the future and create what you want there.