Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Mistakes People Make When Using The Law of Attraction

Many people who have tried to implement the Law of Attraction, fail miserably. Surprisingly, this is not because they don't have an innate ability to use it. It is because they just didn't have the right information. The Law of Attraction certainly works, if you work it! The following are some common mistakes that people make when using the Law of Attraction.
They are harbouring the belief, that the Law of Attraction does not work for them
If you truly believe that you cannot achieve success by attracting, you must learn to reframe your belief, which might be "The Law of Attraction never works for me," to "As yet, I haven't been able to make the Law of Attraction work for me because I never had the right information." A simple reframe like this, releases the main blockage you may have in making this law work for you.
They try to outline the time factor when using the Law of Attraction
When you are using the Law of Attraction properly, you will not put a rigid time limit on the manifestation. Manifesting is a fluid thing and it depends on how many moments of high frequency vibrations you can hold. There are also many variable factors. Often a delay means that the Law of Attraction is working at a subtle level, to create an even better manifestation.
They believe that nothing is happening if results do not show up immediately
Obviously it is tempting to give up when nothing seems to be happening externally. Your circumstances are the same, and you feel that this process is useless. However sometimes 90% of the manifestation is complete in the energy realm, and yet nothing can be seen on the physical plane. This is why you should keep up focusing on the results and continue to do so when using the Law of Attraction.
They do not start the process in steps and attempt to manifest illogical things
Many people, after they saw the famous film, "The Secret," which revealed the innovative idea of each person being in charge of his destiny and being able to manifest, did not realize that the process takes extreme discipline and patience. Foolishly, I myself, decided to manifest blue butterflies in my garden as there had been tales that someone had manifested a feather out of nothing. After several weeks I gave up. I realize now, that it was obvious that I did not believe that I could manifest a host of blue butterflies swirling around in my garden, especially as it was winter and I had two dogs and a cat! I do not feel that we can go contrary to the laws of nature. Using the Law of Attraction in this way, does not work.
They do not keep their manifestation protected from negative influence
It is not wise to go around telling people what you are intending to manifest. This way, you open yourself up to negative energy. People, and even friends, will be happy to let you know that they disbelieve the Law of Attraction and that you are attempting something impossible. A new idea, like a seed in the ground, should be protected and cherished. As this seed is enshrouded by the earth you should enshroud your idea and jealously guard it. It only takes a second, for a careless comment from an acquaintance to shatter your confidence and stop you from using the Law of Attraction forever. I have pointed out the common mistakes that people make, so you can take action right now and start using the Law of Attraction in the correct way. Starting with smaller things will help you gain confidence, and once you have proved to yourself that the Law of Attraction works, the sky is the limit!
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M.Elena Rogers is a recognized expert in Success Strategies and draws on her extensive experience in the University, Education Field, (Australia, U.K. and Italy) to assist people in acheiving success.