Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Law of Vibration Exposed

Its most simple terms, the law of vibration says that everything in the universe is made up of energy. And that really does mean everything!
Think back to school, when you studied physics or chemistry. Remember that everything, living or otherwise, is made up of molecules. Molecules are made up of energy. Protons, neutrons, electrons.
Even humans are made up of molecules, which means that you - and I - are simply collections of energy. Incredibly organized and stunningly sophisticated, but energy and nothing more. Everything you see, and everything you can think of, is energy - highly organized and incredibly complex, but energy.
In a nutshell, that's the law of vibration.
There's a very large question, though: if everything is made of energy, why is the table so much harder than my hand? If both are made up of energy, why are they different?
What sets them apart is their vibration. The energy of all things vibrates at different rates, different frequencies. Look at water in its three different forms. The water molecules in ice vibrate very slowly, but they vibrate faster in water. When water turns to steam, the molecules vibrate so quickly that they separate and become airborne.
This is all fine and dandy philosophical stuff, but what are the practical applications of the law of vibration?
Here's where things get interesting. Guess what else has a specific vibrational frequency? Those who are fit and healthy have their own vibrational frequencies, as do those who are financially secure, and those who have happy and fulfilling personal relationships, all have different vibrational frequencies.
So if you wanted to manifest an ideal relationship, all you need to do is change your own vibration to that of someone that has a prosperous and loving relationship.
How does one accomplish this? This is where the work comes in - you have to watch and study other people with great relationships. They'll show clues about how they think and act. Then you take that thought process and adopt it yourself. Don't resent the person who has the qualities you want, study them! Study the couple that's so much in love! Learn the characteristics they've got that got them into that relationship. Then you go and do likewise.
This is what people mean when they talk about vibrating at the same level as a millionaire or a happy and successful person. They are acting and thinking like those who've gotten what they themselves want - and that's how they'll achieve it as well.
Thus, to become financially successful, you must think like someone who's financially successful. Is financial risk-taking something that wealthy people avoid like the plague? No, financially successful people are always interested in earning more money, and will look into all such opportunities seriously, and will invest when they think it's justified. If financial success is one of your goals, you have to learn to think and act the same way. Think about those who've achieved great wealth.
Do you think they're overly concerned with money? Do you think they're so frugal that they wind up hungry, or denying themselves the good things in life, because of money? Isn't that a ridiculous thought? This doesn't mean to be irresponsible, of course - the spending decisions that financially successful people make are based on what they have - but if you think and act as if you're mired in poverty, guess what? Poverty and struggling is as much a mindset as a physical reality, and they're two sides of the same coin. To get out of one, you must change the other.
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Felicia Fillmore used to believe that life was a challenging struggle until she applied the Universe Laws to her own life. She wanted to share thoughts about the Universe Laws to help enhance other people's life.