Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Are You Interested in Learning How to Use the Law of Attraction? Find Out the "Real" Techniques

I'm sure you have heard of the powerful Law of Attraction, whether you read the book "the secret", or you may have seen the movie, "what the bleep do we know". Maybe you have just heard from a friend, or an email ad claiming that if you know how to use the Law of Attraction, you can create anything in your life that you desire. The truth is, yes, if you are properly taught how to use the Law of Attraction, you can have, be or do anything you want in your life. The key, however, is learning the correct techniques from people who have what you want. While all the sources you have been exposed to may be good, as far as an introduction, if you aren't doing ALL the correct things in your life, if you aren't THINKING correctly, then all the work you are putting in is going to be fruitless, and will create NO results.
What 'work' am I talking about? Well, the best part about using the law of attraction is it's simplicity. Here is the 'how', or the techniques to use the law of attraction:
1) Think about what you want. Meaning, think about it all the time, not just 5 minutes a day.
2) Believe that you will get it. You have to KNOW that you will get it, not Hope. The law of attraction states that if these two things occur on a consistent basis, people, events or circumstances will happen in your life to give you the way to achieve your desire. There are a lot of ways, or techniques to 'speed up' the process however.
The good news is there are a small percentage of REAL experts, who have actually achieved great wealth and power, who are willing to teach those who 'qualify' the techniques they use to create whatever they want, these techniques go past the Law of Attraction, and delve into some other universal laws that create desires faster. So how do I qualify? you may be asking yourself. The number one qualification to become associated with these individuals is to be completely teachable. This means you have to have a high willingness to learn this information. It also means you have to have a high willingness to change the way you live, and how you think. This is imperative that you understand that. How willing are you to learn the powerful Law of Attraction, and other universal laws. If you are completely teachable/coachable, than this organization may be for you. How many chances are you going to get in life to learn from billionaires? If you think you may qualify, go to their homepage and listen to the audio invitation, and I hope you are one of those rare individuals who can see the amazing benefits of this organization.
So, back to the 'real' techniques. Do you understand that the Law of Attraction is very simple, yet complex? The only reason it is complex is because of our beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors that we have acquired over the years. Once we can change these mindsets, the techniques involved in the L of A, will actually work. What are the techniques again? Choose a desire, meaning choose something you want. That could be a certain amount of money, a new car, a new job, WHATEVER. Now, think about it all the time, how you will feel when you have this, and how your various senses will react (how it will feel to the touch, smells involved, how it looks, etc.). Once you have DEFINED this item, you must think about it enough that it becomes an actual BELIEF, or TRUTH. This means there is absolutely NO DOUBT involved. Once this occurs, you are on your way to the actual manifestation of your desire. That is all there is to the actual 'techniques' involved in the Law of Attraction. Try it on something small, so your belief will be high, once it works a couple times with 'small' desires, your belief will go up, and life will begin to become magical.